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Poker Indicator Testimonials

"I really do believe and stand behind my statement. I was not kidding. At first I was going to have you not only put my comment and name but also my phone number and email address. (did i mention I'm single?) However, remembering the worldwide popularity of Poker (and as I do not wish to have to move into some kind of Cave in the South Pacific) i would say just keep it to my comment and "Jim ". I have 2 businesses (Stock Market and Contruction) and have quit both of them and now Play Poker part time, at my leisure. I COULD NOT HAVE DONE THIS WITHOUT YOUR POKERINDICATOR!!! I would love to represent your FANTASTIC product with a real person reference! (send me a check (kidding))."
Jim - United States

"I want to tell you that I really like your product. I also have Texas Calculatem, PokerPal, but Poker Indicator is the one I always use."
Andreas Falk - Sweden

"I am VERY VERY happy with your product. I can not stress how important and a joy to have it is. It has made my play very much more fun, interesting and profitable."
James Lela - United States

"I received my registration code while playing a tournament. As soon as the software was working, I started to watch the EV and different poker odds and subsequently came 4th winning me $168 dollars. Thank you and I look forward to using Poker Indicator some more."
Mike Griffiths - UK

"Easy to use, simple but helpful. Thank you for the creative tool."
Nick Austin - Canada

"Many thanks for your excellent customer service, and its an excellent program, tried 2 other programs on free trial first but bought yours without trying and i must say its far far better, simple easy to read and understand when in a game, many thanks, keep up the good work. Y ours sincerely."
Mark Dean - USA

"It fits better and has better usage than ANY other odds tool I have ever looked at or tried."
Jim Lela - United States

"I must say you guys have the fastest tech support on the planet. I run tech support and you guys smoke us!"
Joe - United States

"Thanks for your fast, courteous response."
Mark - Australia

"…by the way I LOVE your program. Especially the Player History…"
Richard - United States

"I cannot play my poker without this!!!"
Zach - United States

" I really love your product, poker indicator, it helps out quite a bit for on-line play. Is there any thought to adding more stats to the player profile stats screen. Maybe have a list of additional stats and let the user display what stats he or she would like to see? Maybe display a small hud screen under the players names on the table itself? Also i really and truly, beg beg :)... would love to see support for poker indicator on the Mini-View tables at the PRIMA SITE games. Could this be added and are there any plans to do so in the future? Thanks again for a wonderful product."
Mitch - United States

"Thanks again for this AWESOME product!!!I love this tool!!!!"
Israel - United States

"I would just like to say that I really appreciate the quality of your product. I received my registration code yesterday, and I played in my first tournament using it last night. I placed 9th out of 8,107. Poker Indicator definitely played a role in my success in the tourney."
Joseph - United States

"I purchased pokerindicator a month ago. Since then I am up $700 on poker stars and only play the micro tourneys and low level n/l games. It has opened my eyes as to the hands i once thought were good starters. My site of choise is Noble Poker and would love to use your program for there real money games. Thanks a million"
Ronald - United States

"First I want to say I think Poker Indicator is great. I have checked out every poker companion I could find and Poke Indicator is great because it clean and simple, yet contains the most essential information.(eg. Your opponent stats are the ones that you can actually USE while playing … as opposed to every stat possible). "
Ryan - Australia

"Hiya, Firstly, I love the product......it is superb and has helped me improve my game A LOT !!"
Brian - UK

"last monday i deposited $50 in party poker, on monday i cashed out $550. I couldn't have done it without your product."
Doug - United States Jan 9, 2006

"Just started using your program today and won 2 little tournaments in a row. Sweet!"
Jack - United States

"Hi there Poker Indicator crew! You're doing a great job with the extremely useful program. I just love it. I miss one pokerroom I sometimes play at, so I'll vote for expekt.com's pokerroom to be included in future updates. You're the best! "
karl - Denmark

"WOW.. what a QUICK response.. U guys are very good.. thank you! "
James - United States

"Hi Indicator Team, your Poker Indicator software made me so much money that I could buy me new computer (laptop with bigger screen). Best Regards and thanks for excellent software. "
Juha - Finland

"WOW...that was fast! I play at Party Poker and there is no way I would play without your program. It is awesome. I cashed out money $$$ and I have you to thank. If I can ever be of any service to you I am here! "
Susan - United States

"Good Morning! All I can say is WOW... I downloaded the trial version of POKER INDICATOR just yesterday and tried it on the play money tables for about an hour or so. I really liked it and decided to purchase the full version. Just this morning I decided to take it with me to the "real money" tables at the site I frequent. Well its been an hour now and my $4.00 that I started with on the $0.10/$0.10 table has grown to $63.50. This is amazing! I am not a long time poker player by any means in fact; I didn't start to play poker until 2 1/2 weeks ago. POKER INDICATOR is just what I needed to advise me when to get out and to reassure me when I stay in on any given hand. The one thing that I would like to see in future versions is the ability to change the configuration of the Indicator window. It is a little difficult seeing all the action in full screen with the window being a fixed shape. Do your future plans include such a feature? All and all simply a fantastic product. I have had it for less than 24 hours and it has more than paid for itself. "
Marty - Canada

"I want you to know that my wife and I have dramatically improved in tournament play - and your software has been a big big factor. We've moved from $5-10 buyin tournaments - into $30 - $100 range - and are doing quite well. Again, thanks. We're making almost our ENTIRE RENT from tournament play. "
Greg - United States

"Poker Indicator is the best poker calculator I've used, its user interface design is so succint and well thought out that it makes the rest look very amateur."
Mark - Australia

"Thanks for your great product. I usually make between 400 - 700 per day playing with it. Also, thanks for your quick response."
Scott - United States

"I really like your product. I've tried just about every other one of these on planet and this is the first tool that is actually useful. Tells me what I want to know, without a lot of clutter or other information in my way. It doesn't tell me how to play or anything like that. Just useful information in a clean and easy to see way. Great job!"
Gary - United States

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